Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Frequently Asked Questions for Bachelor of Science in Nursing

How do students register for their courses?

Students who have been admitted to the collaborative BScN program make their course selections and modifications through Rabaska, which is available through the University of Ottawa’s InfoWeb via uoZone. If you are having difficulty, visit the University of Ottawa’s registrar site for helpful information for newly admitted students.

Where do students find the BScN Course Sequence?

Students can find this by visiting the University of Ottawa website and clicking on the Pembroke Campus link under the Bachelor of Science In Nursing category.

Is there a Handbook where I can get more information?

Yes, we have prepared a Student Handbook especially for first-year students which will answer a lot of your questions, give you information about the Pembroke Campus, plus provide a number of links to important information on the University of Ottawa’s website.

How do students find out what elective courses are available?

Students can go to the University of Ottawa’s timetable page and choose the “courses offered” button on the left, then select “off campus” to search for electives.

Where do students find information on paying tuition?

Students can find this on the University of Ottawa’s registrar site.

Does the Pembroke Campus have a Residence?

The Pembroke Campus does not currently have a student residence; however, students are able to secure housing in the local area surrounding the campus.  If you would be looking for a place to rent, check out our Pembroke housing list.

How does the whole collaboration thing work?

The University of Ottawa and Algonquin College have partnered to meet the demand for RNs in the province by enabling more students to train in more areas.  Students who attend the Pembroke Campus receive the same training that a student would receive at the University’s main campus, and when they graduate they receive a degree from the University.  Algonquin College is simply the deliverer of the program.

Do students complete all four years in Pembroke?

Yes.  Students who begin the BScN program complete all four years at the Pembroke Campus.  However, some specialized clinical placements do occur outside of Renfrew County.