Welcome to the Mamidosewin Centre

Aboriginal Student Services

The Mamidosewin Centre provides a variety of cultural programs and services to Aboriginal students at Algonquin College.

Aboriginal students may identify as any of the following:  First Nations (Status or Non-Status), Inuit and Métis, as well as those with Aboriginal ancestry who are just discovering their heritage and want to learn more.

Student Events & Activities

  • Monthly potlucks, feasts and celebrations (Louis Riel Day, Inuit Celebration etc.)
  • Elder visits, traditional teachings, guest speakers and ceremonies
  • Drum circles, art and craft workshops facilitated by students or local artists
  • Movies, board games, hockey game nights, off campus activities
  • All Aboriginal – Intramural sports teams (Basketball, floor hockey, badminton etc.)

Academic, Career & Personal Support:

  • Information on Aboriginal bursaries, scholarships and other funding support
  • Workshops and individual support with study skills, time management, tutors etc.)
  • Career, academic or personal counselling with an Aboriginal counsellor
  • Aboriginal Education to Employment program and job listings
  • Referrals to Aboriginal services (housing, counselling, employment etc.)

Mamidosewin – Aboriginal Student Centre (Room E122) includes:

  • Student lounge, kitchenette and computer lab with printer
  • Faxing and phone services
  • Access to sacred medicines and morning smudge circle
  • Community notice board for Aboriginal events in Ottawa